View Our bearing supplier Report Cards

03 Mar View Our bearing supplier Report Cards

CCTY Bearing is taking the bold step of releasing scorecards on its website.

Suppliers receive scorecards from manufacturers that monitor everything from delivery and quality to risk reduction and cost. These tracking tools are essentially report cards. They typically include an overall score that ranges from zero to 100, or a letter grade of A through F.

“We believe in being transparent,“ said Evan Poulakidas, Director of North America. “When potential customers see how other clients rate us, it gives them peace of mind and third-party verification of our quality, delivery and service.”

As a trusted supplier to leading original equipment manufacturers, CCTY continually tracks its progress throughout the year. The scorecards provide an additional metric that complement internal reports, as well as highlight the areas of importance for individual customers.

The scorecards are updated quarterly and will be posted to the site as they are received. They can be accessed here:

View Scorecards

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