Off-Roading Death Wobble Fixed with Custom SPB


16 Oct Off-Roading Death Wobble Fixed with Custom SPB

An aftermarket distributor approached CCTY to find a solution to the death wobble commonly found in a specific off-road vehicle once the suspension has been modified. Although the supplier had a track bar solution, they wanted to improve it.

After reviewing the bearing and prints, CCTY engineers developed a way for the spherical plain bearing (SPB) to rotate with restricted movement. The supplier is now testing the pre-greased, pre-sealed SPB that will save costs while eliminating the death wobble.


The Challenge

Death wobble causes a steering wheel to shake from side- to-side when the vehicle is moving at speeds over 45 mph. The most common cause is the track bar which connects the frame to the suspension.

While the aftermarket distributor offered a solution, it was experiencing wear on one side due to line-to-line point contact.

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The Solution

Initially, the supplier wanted a quote for the existing bearing. However, CCTY’s engineers saw a way to improve the overall design, reduce the number of components and eliminate wear.

Through a consultative series of component reviews, phone calls and shared prints, CCTY‘s engineers researched a number of options. In the process, they developed a completely new SPB.

Track bars have two spherical plain bearings – one on each side. A standard SPB works well for the side with traditional misalignment. The SPB on the other side requires the bearing to have misalignment in only one direction and to freely spin.  

External View - TnspIn order to restrict movement, a groove is added to the SPB inner ring. Two pins run through this groove and are kept in place by the housing.

In addition to being pre-sealed and pre-greased making the track bar maintenance free, the previous 11 parts are transformed into a single assembled unit.

Reducing the number of components to six and simplifying the internal assembly process without a greasing requirement, provides lower overall costs.

The Results

By maintaining a tight timeline from initial conception to production, the aftermarket distributor had a new design within three months.

The CCTY Bearing solution is:

  • An enhanced design that eliminates wear
  • Compact for streamlined assembly
  • A cost reduction
  • Maintenance-free


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