Need Inspiration? 11 Twitter Handles to Follow


10 Aug Need Inspiration? 11 Twitter Handles to Follow

If you’re in the manufacturing sector, you need to stay on top of what is happening from an innovation and engineering standpoint. The best Twitter accounts provide curated content along with editorial insight. 

The best Twitter handles for mechanical engineers to follow:

Engineering breakthroughs start with an idea. More ideas lead to greater discoveries and creativity. 

Sources of Inspiration

  1. Engineering 4 Change - @engineer4change
    Mechanical engineers choose their profession as a way to improve everyday life. This feed takes it one step further by connecting engineers to advance change on a global scale.

    6th Sense's sensor system for prosthetic legs. With a vest & leg wearable, subs sensory info that's missing #thisishardware

    — Engineering 4 Change (@engineer4change) June 22, 2017

  2. Elon Musk - @elonmusk
    File this one under "People Changing the World." Mass-marketed electric cars, space travel and neurotechnology were just ideas a few years ago. Bringing them to the masses takes not only a powerful belief in abilities, it takes guts. 

    First draft animation of the Falcon Heavy three core launch. FH is twice the thrust of the next…

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 6, 2017 

  3. Fact Retriever - @factretriever
    f knowledge is power, this account is a source for microbursts. 

    Let out a roar for #nationallionday! Though lions are known as the king of the jungle, they do not live in jungles.

    — Fact Retriever (@factretriever) August 10, 2017

  4. Popular Mechanics – @PopMech
    Who doesn’t love cool technology and gadgets? This Twitter feed will get the inventive juices flowing.

    This is one of the smallest computers you can buy

    — Popular Mechanics (@PopMech) August 10, 2017 

  5. Design World – @DesignWorld
    Packed with engineering resources and videos, this feed focuses on design engineers, OEMs and machine builders. Here you’ll find everything from misaligned part info to 3D printing tips. 

    Learn how #3Dprinting empowers @Medtronic to bring better products to clinical use faster - @Stratasys

    — Design World (@DesignWorld) August 10, 2017  

  6. Nasa - @NASA
    What can you say about NASA that hasn't already been said? Top scientist and engineers working together produce amazing results.  

    Houston, we have a podcast…from space! We’ll chat with @Astro2Fish on @Space_Station at 12:30pm ET. Tune in & ask Qs

    — NASA (@NASA) August 10, 2017

A Few of our Favorites

  1. I Like to Make Stuff - @iliketomakestuf
    This guy made a sign out of a Raspberry Pi and a water-gun for pudding. When you think about the ingenuity that goes into new designs, you can appreciate people who just get in there and do it.

  2. Adam Savage - @donttrythis
    As the former co-host of Myth Busters, he knows a thing or two about testing science. 
  3. US Manufacturing - @ncmsmfg
    The National Center for Manufacturing Science drives collaborative innovation in commercial, defense and robotics manufacturing. Its goal is to fuel groundbreaking solutions while encouraging collaboration. NCMS is a non-profit, member-based organization.
  1. Manufacturing.Net – @MnetNews
    Delivering up-to-date news, trends and insight to a global community of manufacturers. The Product Development section has a ton of new concepts and ways to make you think differently about everyday items.

  2. Racecar Engineering - @RacecarEngineer
    We love fast moving cars. A Twitter feed devoted to the design and engineering behind racecars is always a source of inspiration.

Let us know if we’ve missed any of you favorites in the comments below.

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