Construction Bearings + India's Growth


29 Dec Construction Bearings + India's Growth

The Indian market offers enormous growth opportunities in the construction equipment industry. - Mitul Dave

India's economy booming. A mix of development initiatives by the government and major investment from private and global companies is resulting in an economic surge. As the Indian market continues to climb into becoming the third largest consumer economy, its consumption is estimated triple to 4 trillion by 2025 per the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). This level of growth is being felt in the construction market.

Construction and agriculture publications are reacting to the developments with an influx of media attention in the machinery sector. Below are two articles about construction bushings and bearings:

The coverage includes information on how our spherical plain bearings (SPBs) are treated to reduce the occurrence of scraping and galling, planetary gear box RN/RNN bearings and the high-load, low-speed FSA bushing designed for scissor lifts and AWPs. 


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