Avoiding a Dog Bite: Preparing for the Chinese New Year


27 Oct Avoiding a Dog Bite: Preparing for the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year – or Spring Festival – takes place on February 16, 2018. Companies that purchase bearings from Chinese manufacturers should take steps now so that they are not negatively impacted by the Year of the Dog celebration.

Plants close for two weeks during the holiday. Factories will begin increasing production over the next two to three months in preparation for the closure. In order to avoid disruptions, it is recommended that bearing customers:

  • Plan for February production line needs in November. Many factories will stop taking new orders in late December to avoid missing deadlines.
  • Check blanket orders and production schedules. During the holiday, no shipments will originate from China. Shipments that are in process will be delivered according to schedule. However, no factory-direct air shipments will be possible.
  • Contact your manufacturer to see if they have global offices that will be open during the festival in the event there is a question about an open order.

What Happens during the Spring Festival?

Spring Festival is a family-centered tradition that prepares everyone for good fortune in the New Year. Family reunions start the celebration on the eve of the New Year and officially end with the Lantern Festival on the day of the first full moon.

Since it is one of the most important holidays for mainland China and Hong Kong, many young professionals who have moved to large cities begin making their way home at once. More recently, they have started using the two-week break to vacation with friends. The mass influx on transportation systems is widely reported as many people are moving in and out creating massive travel delays.

Year of the Dog

The Zodiac calendar has 12 animals and each animal is associated with one of five elements. In 2018, the animal is the dog and the element is Earth. According to zodiac legend, people born in the Year of the Earth Dog are communicative, serious and responsible in work.

In accordance with the festival, we wish you a New Year filled with good fortune.

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